Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reality TV Wednesday

I’m feeling a little stir crazy today so I’m going to keep this post nice and short before I jump in the shower then prepare dinner.

Last night dinner didn’t turn out nearly as good as I predicted it was going to to. I decided to make some coconut shrimp. I have been telling the hubby that I was going to make this for a couple of weeks now but didn’t get around to in until last night.

I first started my placing some unsweetened coconut on a baking sheet

September 001

Then I toasted it in the oven for about 5 mins at 425.

I then added it to a bowl with equal parts coconut and whole wheat bread crumbs.

September 002

I then placed some asparagus on a baking sheet with a little EVOO, salt and ground pepper and roasted it in the oven for 20 mins.

 September 003

While the asparagus was cooking I took some uncooked shrimp and first dipped them in some egg whites.

September 005

Then dipped them in the coconut mixture.

September 004

Finally I placed them on a another baking sheet.

September 006

I cooked them in the oven with the asparagus for the last 10 mins flipping once.

I served with the asparagus and some brown rice.

September 007

The shrimp was just a little too sweet. I really needed some spices to give it a little kick.

September 009

If you try it and find a good recipe, please let me know. I’d love to try it again.

After dinner included a little too much snacking, it started out ok, a sugar free popsicle but then I ended up finishing the last cinnamon roll and finally a couple of slices of bread with some butter on one and some chocolate pb on the other. I definitely didn’t need the bread. It was most like mindless eating then anything else.

This morning I got up with no idea what I was going to have for breakfast. I was looking over some of my must try posts from fellow bloggers when something jumped out at me. A chocolate banana omelette by Heather. I knew it was a must try. You can see her recipe here. I followed it exactly.

 September 012

It turned out amazing. I’ll definitely be making this again.

September 013

An omelette filled with banana and chocolate pb. What could be better?

After breakfast I spent the morning/afternoon applying for a couple of other jobs, doing some cleaning and laundry and a little blog reading.

A some point in the last afternoon I realized I should eat something for lunch. I wasn’t sure what to have and my creative juices weren’t flowing so I threw together a sandwich.

Turkey, spinach, mozza, and 1/2 an apple in a pita.

September 018

Grilled for about 5 mins (just enough to melt the cheese).

September 016

I actually should have left it on a little longer. Not quite hot enough.

I’m now going to quickly jump in the shower before the hubby gets home from work and then start dinner.

Is anyone else excited that the new fall season is starting soon? Survivor start tonight! I actually watched Survivor for a while in the first few seasons then stopped watching. They hubby and I started again last season for the Heroes Vs. Villains and we really enjoyed it so we’re going to watch this season too (hopefully it’s good). Wednesday seems to be the night of good reality tv, it’s also the finale of Big Brother! I’m addicted to that show!!!

Today’s Questions: Are you going to watch Survivor? And part 2: do you love Big Brother? If so who do you think is going to win? I’m going to say Haden. He’s won a lot of competitions and everyone likes him.

~ Katie :)