Monday, September 27, 2010

Listening to My Body

I wanted to post a little about my weekend but since I had a very interesting day and adventure on Saturday I’m going to save that post until later so this post is mostly going to be about food and a few other activities that I’ve been up to lately.

Since I haven’t posted any daily meals since Thursday I have a lot to catch up on so bear with me please :).

Thursday morning started with powerhouse granola, 1/2 an apple in some fat-free milk.

September 002

This just wasn’t sweet enough. It really needed some yogurt instead of milk and a little honey.

September 005

Lunch I ended up meeting the hubby downtown for lunch. I really wanted something healthy so we headed to Cultures – a ‘restaurant’ in one of the buildings downtown which you can get soup, sandwich, wrap, panini along with two salads. I choose the veggie soup along with a chickpea and bean salad and a fruit salad. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement. I really have nothing good to stay about the place at all so I’m just going to leave it alone now.

Dinner on the other hand was fantastic. We had some organic, free-range chicken sausages that we have picked up at the farmers market last weekend so I cooked them up with some pasta, fresh tomatoes (from the farmers market as well), some EVOO, water and fresh basil for a healthy easy dinner.

I’ll briefly give you the run-down on dinner but it was really, really easy. First I cut up 5 tomatoes and cooked them up in a little EVOO, then added the fresh basil a little water and a little more EVOO (I didn’t measure but I would say about 2-3 tbsp).

September 007

While those were heating I cooked the pasta according to the directions on the box and once everything was done I added the pasta to the tomato mixture.

September 010

You can added water and or EVOO until your desired taste.

September 012

Finally I added the cooked sausages (which I had pre-cooked the evening before) until they were re-heated.

Served with a slice of homemade bread I had picked up at the bakery earlier in the week.

September 014

And topped with some fresh parm.

September 018

The only changes I would make would be add a little fresh garlic (since the chicken had garlic and rosemary in it I figured it wouldn’t be needed but I would definitely add a little the next time). Also, I would add a little more basil, just wasn’t quite enough.

September 016

Friday started out really late. I woke up late, did a few things around the apartment and before I knew it I was running out the door to yoga. I also realized I hadn’t eaten yet so I grabbed a homemade granola bar on my way.

After yoga, I got home to seeing my hubby home from work early. It was a very pleasant surprise. Before heading out to do a little shopping I made a wrap for us to split. Brie, turkey, apply and spinach.

September 022

Heated on the grill.

After spending the afternoon shopping and running errands we decided to grab some dinner. Between chatting and eating I totally forgot to take pictures. We headed to Montana’s (the hubby was craving ribs and we still don’t know where to get good ones in the city). I wanted something that was at least a little healthy so I chose chicken fajitas. I stuff three of them full with chicken, peppers, onion (only one…still working on liking them), lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Everything was fresh (well except the chicken, peppers and onions which had been cooked of course) so not bad for a chain restaurant dinner.

Saturday started with some toast with pb. Matt and I were headed back to Banff (Lake Louise to be exact) and we wanted something quick but filling before we left). I’m going to leave the rest of the day to my next post so stay tuned later for that…

Sunday started with really good intentions. Dinner the night before hadn’t been the healthiest (more on that later) so I wanted to start the day off right. A two egg cheese omelette.

 September 004

Served with a glass of oj.

We headed back out to pick a few things up at the mall and while out the mall food got the best of us. I ended up at Arby’s with a roast beef sandwich and curly fries. I knew as soon as I started eating that this was not what my body wanted.

We headed home and I laid on the couch feeling a little crappy. I don’t think I knew what was wrong right away. After listening to my body I knew I wanted something healthy. It was like my body rejected the food I had at lunch and wanted a re-do.

So that’s what I did. Lunch: take two.

 September 007

A spinach wrap with brie, apple, cucumber, spinach heated on the grill and the rest of the apply with a little cinnamon.

September 006

I knew after I ate it had been the right decision. I felt instantly better and spent the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch reading, Eat, Pray, Love.

Dinner was leftovers. Chicken Sausage Pasta with a side of roasted beans and another piece of whole wheat bread from the bakery.

September 010

Who can complain about a dinner like that.

We then spent the evening watching a few of my favourite shows: Mad Men and Dexter! What a great Sunday night.

Sorry for the crazy long post. I’ll be back later with a re-cap post (and lots of great pictures and exercise) of Saturday.

~ Katie :)

Who else watched the season premiere Dexter? What did you think?