Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catch-up Part 1 - Banff

Things have been great today. I got up early, did a few things around the apartment, showered and met the husband for lunch downtown. I love lunch dates. We ended up a soup and sandwich place. I got some veggie soup with with two sides. I ended up with a chickpea/bean salad and a fruit salad. Honestly the food wasn’t very good but the company was fantastic.

After lunch I then ran a few errands and after I finish writing this blog post I’m going to do a little pictures re-organizing. All my pictures from the last 6 months are only my old computer so I’m going organize them and put them on an external hard drive so I have them for the future. I might even post some pictures on Facebook (I know, right?). I’ve been great at keeping the blog up-to-date but I haven’t posted any pictures to facebook in over a year. It might be time to change that.

So in keeping with my promise yesterday to follow through with some much promised posts I’ve decided to do my first anniversary post today.

Our first wedding anniversary was on August 22nd and instead of buying each other gifts or going out to a fancy dinner we decided to take a trip to the Rocky Mountains and hit the tiny, quant town of Banff. Both of us had only seen the mountains from a distance so the hour long drive from Calgary to Banff was a great decision.

Once we arrived into town I couple believe how cute the town was.

August 001

The entire town is made to look old and with the mountains as a back drop it was gorgeous.

Since we arrived in time for a late lunch first thing we did was search for a place to eat. I had remember Susan talking about The Rose and Crown when she went to Banff a couple of months ago so we decided to hit up there.

August 004

I wasn’t really sure what I feeling but after looking at the menu the grilled cheese on multi-grain sounded delicious. What a loved about the restaurant was not only that you got two sides with your meal but one of the options was fresh veggies. Instead of just a salad option covered with unhealthy dressing you got an option of freshly cut veggies. I of course choose that and also a serving of sweet potato fries.

August 005

They even served their food of cute plates (great for us bloggers right?)

After lunch we decided to look around town, go into some of the cute shops and of course take some pictures. The only problem was that it was raining off and on all afternoon so we didn’t get too much great shots but I’ll share a few.

August 006

The old buildings in the town were amazing.

August 008

The old church (I think??)

August 019

More of the town with the mountains as the backdrop.

August 010 August 011

August 015

I loved the old looking Hudson’s Bay Company they had.

August 002

They even sold the old Hudson Bay Blankets.



Does anyone else remember those?

Although the town was great most of our pictures were of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

August 017

August 014 August 018

August 020

August 016 August 021

Just before leaving the we made our way up Mt. Norquay. In the winter it is a ski hill but during the summer many people use it for mountain biking.

On the way up we saw mountain goats.

August 026

Many mountain goats.

August 025

Mountain goats very close to our car.

August 027

It was really cool but a little intimidating as well. They were everywhere and they looked extremely tough.

When we got to the top of the mountain we took some pictures of the ski hill.

August 031 August 030

The pictures just don’t do it justice. It was huge. In Nova Scotia we are use to skiing on little bumps…here your skiing on the Rocky Mountains.

August 035


On the way back down I took some pictures looking out past the town into the distance.

August 023

It looks almost like a postcard.

August 022

Seriously, my small point-and-shoot camera took that picture.

After the long hour drive home we had our final anniversary celebration in the form of cupcakes.


August 036

Cupcakes from Buttercream Bake Shoppe here in Calgary.

For my cupcake I choose Red Velvet.

August 042

So good!

August 039 August 038

It was a wonderful day (even with all the rain) and a fantastic way to spend our anniversary.

The reason I wanted to share this with you now is because I think we might be heading up to Banff again this weekend so I didn’t want to bore you all with two Banff posts in one week. It’s suppose to be a beautiful, sunny weekend here in Calgary (cross your fingers for me please).

Also, I had some thoughts on blogging in yesterday’s post so please check it out. Remember comments are always welcome!

Again, I just want to wish my amazing husband an wonderful and happy first anniversary.

~ Katie :)