Sunday, July 25, 2010

ACCRT – Day 1

ACCRT = Almost Cross Canada Road Trip

Sorry about the lack of blogging last night. I think all the craziness is finally caught up with me and I just couldn’t stay awake. Since yesterday was a day of visiting and saying good-bye I’ll just give you a quick run down of my eats.

Breakfast was pancakes.

July 008

Maple syrup.

July 007

Fresh fruit – pineapple and an orange.

July 006

My plate.

July 010

Lunch was roasted red pepper hummus with flat bread and some fresh fruit.

July 013

My last dinner in Nova Scotia was a classic: Lobster.

July 024

With corn on the cob. Also a side salad.

July 023

This morning Matt and I got up early to try to hit the road. We started the morning with toast and oj. Before leaving the city we grabbed starbucks. I had a grande non-fat vanilla latte.

When we got on the road it was a little cloudy but it actually made for good driving weather.

July 026

The kitty was not very happy to be locked up in the cage we bought him.

July 027

He spend a good 1.5 hours upset and crying so when we hit Oxford (the blueberry capital of North America) we let him out to get something to eat and he never made it back in.

He spend some time on Matt’s lap.

July 052

On the pillow in the back seat.

July 087

But most of the time he was on my lap.

July 049

Ok, enough fur baby pics. Back to the trip, before leaving Oxford we had to get the pictures of the giant blueberry.

July 037

Around 10:15 we hit the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick boarder.

July 040

Just after hitting the boarder I was hungry and grabbed a kashi bar out of the cooler.

July 041

Around 12:30 we hit Fredericton we ended up at Subway.

July 046

I got a turkey sub. I was so hungry and busy getting the car/kitty organized that I forget to get picture.

After leaving Fredericton we ended up hitting a crazy rain storm.

July 079

Once the storm was over we were able to take some beautiful pictures of the New Brunswick landscape.

July 056

July 058

July 059 

July 077

July 092

July 102

July 104

The row of windmills.

July 088

It took us about 2.5 hours to cross over into Quebec.

July 118

July 119

July 120

Quebec also had some wonderful scenery.

July 121

July 123

July 127

July 129

Around 3:45 local time we hit Riviere du Loup.

July 132

After unloading everything into the hotel I grabbed a snack.

Light Laughing Cow Cheese (2 pieces).

July 134

And multi-grain wheat thins.

July 135

(sorry for the crappy pics).

After relaxing and having a shower to cool off we headed for ‘downtown’ to grab dinner.

We ended up at a cute little diner called Taxi.

July 148

This was a cute little diner with a taxi on the ceiling.

July 139 

July 140 

Even though the menu was in French I knew what I wanted.

July 146

Poutine! I got a medium and it was huge.

July 142

It was a beast!

July 144

Matt had a taxi burger (with bacon, lettuce, tomato and taxi sauce) with a side of fries.

July 145

I made a pretty good go at the plate but I just couldn’t finish it.

After dinner we took a short walk around town.

July 154

The old apple symbol.

July 138

The old fashioned movie theatre in town.

July 152

When we got back to the hotel I snacked on some organic chocolate.

 July 158

And drank some lemonade.

July 155

It’s almost 11 local time and we’re getting up early to hit the road to Ottawa but if you’re on twitter and you follow me you can keep up with my adventures during the day I’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #Soon2bYYCblogger. I’ll be back tomorrow with day 2’s travels.

~ Katie :)


Jaime said...

aww, you won't get kitty back in the cage now! You are lucky there are two of you so you can pay more attention and take pictures from the car too!

Rita said...

What a gorgeous town! I love old Quebec architecture. Now I may be a vegetarian but that poutine made me remember the times. Was that even cheese curds! I haven't had one that wasn't just shredded cheese in forever. Ah the envy.

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I love seeing all the road trip pics!! Quebec is really beautiful.

Safe travels.

Susan said...

Awww, the St. John River!! You almost have me missing Fredericton - almost ;) Safe travels and have fun in Ottawa!!