Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving Day

Can you believe I forgot to take pictures of my empty apartment today? I’ve been trying so hard to stay on top of blogging the move and somehow I totally forgot. We’re going back in the morning so I can share them tomorrow.

I was a good food blogger today and did a good job getting back into the healthy eating even if it was moving day and taking lots of food pics.

So…back to the beginning. Matt and I got up super early (around 7) we wanted to make a coffee run before the movers showed up at 8:30.

We stopped at starbucks. I opted for a non-fat vanilla latte

July 002

And a low-fat chocolate chip banana loaf.

July 001

I actually only ate about half in the morning. I’m not sure what was wrong but I just wasn’t feeling much like eating and my belly was bothering me.

By 9:00 the movers still weren’t here but we didn’t want to waste anytime so we decided to start cleaning. I had done quite a bit but we still had the kitchen left to do and the upstairs bathroom.

The movers finally arrived at 10. Yippee!!

July 004

We spend the entire morning cleaning the kitchen by lunch time I was finally famished! I had a slice of leftover pizza that was in the fridge and the second half of my banana loaf along with lots and lots of water.

After lunch we tackled the upstairs bathroom and just a few other little things that needed to be accomplished.

Our couch (the heaviest couch ever!!!) that we just couldn’t give away with some strange manikin that the hubby found by the garbage.

July 006

By 1:30 we were done, the movers were done and it was time to try to pack the car and see if we could fit everything in it that we wanted to take on our road trip. This was a very stressful 30 mins but after I worked my packing magic we got it all in (pictures to come).

Then we headed to my dad’s to drop off our stuff before running some errands.

Unfortunately, my step-mom is scared to death of cats so our kitty is spending the next two nights at our empty apartment by himself and we will go pick him up on Sunday for the drive. I know I might sound crazy but this makes me a little sad. I know he’ll be ok by himself but I just don’t want him to be lonely. I can’t wait to go see him in the morning.

Ok, back to my day. While our running errands we got hungry so we stopped at the grocery store for a quick snack. I grabbed hummus and flatbread snack along with a peach.

July 009

Along with some Vitamin water.

July 010

Dinner at my dad’s was burgers on the grill (mines the one without the cheese).

July 013

Salad – lettuce, red pepper, green pepper, cucumber, yellow beans, broccoli, celery, some real bacon (which was a treat since we never have real bacon at home) and mozza.

July 016

And roasted potatoes.

My plate.

July 019

I loaded up on the salad. It’s been 3 days since I’ve had fresh veggies and I was craving some. After I finished my plate I started eating the salad right out of the salad bowl – I need to get lots of veggies in before we hit the road.

During the evening I might have enjoyed a few glasses of this as well.

July 054

Strawberry wine and seven-up.

July 025

I was playing around with my camera and trying to take some cool shots of the wine glass.

July 026

July 055

What do you think? I’m my food photography getting any better? It’s so much easier with a deck and natural light.

July 058 

One thing I can say is that my dad’s place is beautiful. I love being here. It’s so calm and relaxing.

I’ll leave you with a few shots that I took tonight.


July 011

July 012

July 020

July 029

July 033

July 034

July 035

July 037

July 047

July 041

July 049

July 060

~ Katie :)


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I can't believe you're moving tomorrow, time flies!

I would be sad about leaving my cats alone for a few nights too, you're totally NOT weird.

All the flower shots are gorgeous Katie.

Good luck with your move, I'll be following along.

Jessica said...

Good luck on your move!!!!! :) Close and closer to BC hehehe