Thursday, July 22, 2010

T-minus 12 hours

Sorry for the lack of blogging over the past two days. Things are really hectic here right now. The movers come tomorrow at 9:00am so everything has to be done before we go to bed tonight.

Before I show you our progress and since this is a healthy living blog lets quickly discuss my eats lately…boring and lets be honest not the healthiest. Actually the only thing that has been really blog worthy was lunch yesterday. I met a friend for lunch yesterday at OPA.

OPA is a Greek restaurant in Halifax. For lunch I had the Hummus Dip with pita bread and I split the Spankakopita (which is greek cheeses, spinach and herbs wrapped in filo and served with a feta cream dill sauce) with my friend.

Even with that yummy lunch I forgot to take pictures. We were too busy chatting and I totally forgot about my camera (that happens sometimes – oh well).

Other then that, food has been about eating whatever is leftover in the fridge and avoiding the grocery store. This has included leftover mozza sticks, oven sweet potato fries, chicken nuggets, apples with almond butter and toast – lots of toast.

In other news the packing seems to be done. We have lots a boxes but the only things that aren’t packed are the stuff that’s coming for the drive with us. Here are some pictures to so you where we’re at.

Living Room with a few boxes that aren’t full yet so we haven’t closed them.

July 001

Kitchen which still has some food and of course the cleaning supplies that will need to be used tomorrow to finish up the cleaning when everything is gone.

July 002

Dinning Room which is our packing headquarters and has most of our boxes.

July 003

Do you remember this picture?

June 001

This is what our storage room use to look like.

This is what it looks like now.

July 004

Our closet which is where we have stored all the stuff that is coming in the car with us.

July 005

Boxes in our bedroom.

July 007

Even my sister has finished her packing. Her bf is coming to pick up her stuff on Saturday.

July 008

Well that’s about it. We’re heading to my dad’s tomorrow for the next two days to stay there until we leave on Sunday. I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll get but I’ll try to blog tomorrow night from there.

Night all and wish me good luck that I’ll get everything finished before the movers come in the morning.

~ Katie :)

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Jaime said...

Yay!! The hardest part is done, now you get to enjoy your trip. I'm totally looking forward to seeing your drive from your point of view. Are you taking the same route I did?