Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday everyone. We were very tired when we got back to the hotel last night and weren’t able to stay up to blog so I’m going to catch up right now.

Before we left we grabbed the continental breakfast at the hotel. I opted for a bowl of fruit salad and a blueberry muffin with a glass of oj.

On Monday morning we got up around 7 for what we thought would be a rather short and uneventful trip to Ottawa. We thought we’d hit some of the traffic in Montreal but other than that we thought it would a pretty good day. Boy were we wrong. It started first by us getting a little lost trying to get out of Riviere du Loup and then we had difficulty finding a gas station so all in all we were running behind by an hour.

The rest of the morning didn’t go as planned as well. The kitty (even though he wasn’t in the cage) cried for about 3 hours until we stopped for lunch.

My mid-morning snack wasn’t very healthy either. From Tim’s – peach juice

July 038

And a donut. I can’t even remember the last time I had a donut.

July 039

Lunch was a little better. Subway.

July 046

And a Kashi bar.

July 049

After lunch Charlie found our cooler and pushed it open and climbed in. He was happy for the rest of the trip.

July 044

Some other problems we had were that the roads in Quebec were horrible and the drivers were terrible.

Here are some pictures from the first part of the morning.

July 002 

July 009

July 013

July 021 

July 022

July 031 

July 037

Around 2 we were driving into Montreal and our GPS told us that there was traffic up ahead so it was re-calculating a new route for us. This new route ended up taking us through downtown Montreal and under the city going about 100 km/hr under the city in the tunnel.

July 052 

July 055

July 059 

July 063 

July 066

July 070 

July 074

Just after leaving Montreal we hit the Quebec/Ontario border.

July 079

We hit Ottawa around 4:30, showered, changed and walked down to the parliament buildings to try and make a tour. The tour took about and hour and was very cool. We got some pretty cool pics as well.

July 098

July 104 

July 110 

July 116 

July 121

July 126 

July 155

July 157 

July 158

We also got some beautiful shots of the city.

July 152 

July 154

July 163 

July 172

July 174

After all the walking around we headed out for dinner. We stopped at a Scottish pub.

July 177

We started with the roasted garlic cheese wedges. (Yes that is roasted garlic right on the bread – NOM).

July 179

Then I opted for a cheese pizza (do you notice the theme here?)

July 182

So yummy!!!

By the time we got back to the hotel I was exhausted and wasn’t able to blog so I just headed to bed. Overall, it started out as a pretty long day but it turned out great in the end.

I’m a day behind on my blogging but I will try to catch up tomorrow and write two posts. I hope everyone is enjoying the cross Canada updates and pictures.

~ Katie :)


Angela said...

Poor Charlie!

And what is it with Nova Scotians, orange cats and the name 'Charlie?;

We had an orange tabby named Charlie when I was growing up ...

Jessica said...

Totally enjoying the updates! Glad you guys are making it slowly but surely!! I'm sure it will feel amazing to be "home"!!

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Your GSP sounds awesome, how does it detect traffic? Based on other people's GPS signals or something?

Ottawa is beautiful. Glad you got to spend a few hours exploring!

Anonymous said...

I am leaving from Ottawa and driving to Halifax on Friday. I always dislike the drive through Quebec... Montreal is usually a nightmare and I always get lost.
Happy travels!