Thursday, August 19, 2010

Engagement Shoot Recap

As some of you may know from my blogger award post my first wedding anniversary is this weekend – Sunday. So in honour of that and because I didn’t have my blog last year I thought I’d share some of my favourite parts and pictures from the wedding.

Before we get into that too much lets first do a little recap of some food and fitness.

Yesterday’s #7daysofgoodlife consisted of a class that I’ve been wanted to try for a while:


According to the website:

“A fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away! With a combination of fast and slow rhythms, tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Isn’t it about time that you ditch the workout and join the party.”

Zumba is all over twitter right now! Diana one of my favourite blogs to read is a Zumba instructor and so is Gina at Fitnessista.

I really enjoyed Zumba. It was fun but challenging at the same time. I think I need to go a few more times to learn the moves but I definitely enjoyed it. I can say after taking that class it’s a good thing I never tried out for So You Think You Can Dance – hahaha :P

This morning I woke up grabbed a piece of 7 grains bread with some pb and a glass of oj and headed out the door for another class.

August 018

With the schedule and the classes I wanted to try today was a repeat – Body Combat. I tired this class once before and really enjoyed it. Plus it’s an awesome workout.

In the car ride home I pulled out the other half of my cliff bar that I had started yesterday after Zumba – Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch. Remind me again why I always forget the chocolate and pb are some amazing together? So good!

August 020

After showering I ran a few errands – including the bank, winners and a few groceries for tonight’s dinner.

When I got home lunch was a turkey, spinach, and cheddar on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

August 022

My afternoon snack was grapes and 2 small slices of mozza.

August 024

Tonight for dinner I’m going to make a yummy recipe that i had made a few months ago that I really enjoyed - Spicy Orange Shrimp.

Alright let’s talk weddings!

When the husband and I got engaged we had no intention of doing an engagement shoot. But after we booked our photographer he informed us that we got these photos included with the wedding. We really didn’t want a traditional engagement shots – which is perfect since our photography was not a traditional wedding photographer – after talking it through with him we decided to meet him down at the dockyards in downtown Halifax on a warm spring evening in 2009.

To completely contrast the the darkness and dingyness of the dockyards Matt and I got dress up. I wore a gray strapless dress and a pink sweater and Matt wore jeans, a pink shirt and pink tie. Overall, we loved how the photos turned out.

Our photographer was amazing! You can check him out – Applehead Studio. He has an amazing portfolio just take a look around his site.

(All of the following pictures were taken by Applehead Studio)



k&m05 k&m07

We ended up being a little silly throughout the shoot.


k&m25 k&m36


k&m31 k&m28 k&m39 k&m40 k&m64 k&m74


I love the lighting in this shot.


The next couple of shots were on a grain elevator.

k&m58 k&m86 k&m93 k&m82

I think this final shot is my favourite.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Tomorrow I’ll do a recap of the shower and the rehearsal dinner and then finally I’ll do two recaps over the weekend of the wedding itself.

~ Katie :)