Monday, August 16, 2010

Updates Organizing and Comments

I feel like when I go a few days without blogging I come back with so much to say.

Before getting into today I figured I’d share just a few drool worthy eats from the past couple of days.

Ground Turkey Tacos with peppers and cheese.

August 002

Veggie Sandwich with carrots, cucumber, broccoli, light laughing cow cheese and hummus on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

 August 015

Served with a side a organic baby tomatoes.

 August 016

And finally for the sweet tooth out there: a chocolate cupcake.

August 017

August 018

August 019

It just looked so good I just had to share a couple of pictures.

Ok, back to current time.

Breakfast this morning was Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt with granola and fresh BC blueberries.

August 034

Lunch was turkey, spinach and mozza on a whole wheat sandwich thin.

August 041

Served with some red grapes.

August 036

My afternoon snack was a trip to Starbucks. Grande Ice Soy Vanilla Latte.

August 043

And an apple fritter. I’ve never had a donut from Starbucks (I didn’t even know you could get them until leaving NS) so I figured I’d try one this afternoon.

August 045

I actually found it a little too sweet and heavy. I couldn’t finish it.

Goodlife Fitness Challenge Update.

This challenge has been going ok for me. As mentioned last week I got in two classes on Wednesday – Body Pump and Body Flow.

On Thursday I decided to hit up Body Combat.

According to the website:

“A fiercely energetic martial arts workout where you are totally unleashed and empowered. Karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai enthusiasts will especially enjoy this class.”

It was very similar to the kickboxing class I use to take at Nubody’s. I think I actually liked it better but it was crazy hard!!!!  It’s non-stop from the beginning until the end. I definitely think I might try this class again.

Friday I headed to the gym in plans of attending Body Vive.

According to the website:

“This low-impact, whole body group fitness workout is designed to boost fitness and core strength. It’ll leave you fizzing with energy so you can really take life on!”

Once getting to the gym, talking to a few people and seeing who was attending this class I realized that it wasn’t for me. It’s a very low-impact class which is attended mostly by the older generation and I figured it wouldn’t be challenging enough for me so I passed on the class and hit the weight room instead. After a 5 min warm-up here’s my workout:

Ballerina Plie**

20lbs 12 reps
Bend Over Row with Kick Back** 20lbs 12 reps
Plie Squat with Bicep Curls** 20lbs 12 reps
Push Ups on Bosu Ball 10 reps
Triceps Extension** 20lbs 12 reps
Chest Fly with Reverse Crunch 16lbs 12 reps
Shoulder Press** 20lbs 10 reps
Frog Crunch 15 reps

I did each exercise once that repeated the entire circuit three times.

**These exercises I did on a bosu ball. A bosu ball is a fitness training device the consists of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform. It is also referred to as the ‘blue half-ball’. I used it for balance training and core strengthening while performing weight exercises.



Today I had ever intention of going to the gym but then a few other important work things (explained below) came up and I didn’t make it there. I plan to continue with my Goodlife Challenge tomorrow.

Organizing Life

I read two posts today that made me do a little thinking about how disorganized I have been lately.

For example: Today. I got up early to make a few phone calls back east. I wanted to make sure I caught some people before they went on their lunch breaks so I was on the phone by 8:30am (local time for me). I also applied for three more teaching jobs today but it is now almost 6:30 and besides my phone calls and the job applications the only other thing I got done today was a quick trip to the bank. What else did I do? I’m not even really sure. Spent some time on twitter? Did a little online banking? Picked up the cat food? Set up a new comment section for the blog (more below)? Hit up Starbucks? I didn’t even make it to the gym today. Overall, I know I did some some things done today but I need to figure out a way to get more accomplished throughout the day.

After all of these thoughts on my mind I logged into my google reader earliers and found a post by Kelly. Some of you may know her from She Wears a Red Sox Cap but she also writes a teaching blog called She Teaches. It’s been a while since she posted on her teaching blog so I was excited to see a post from her.

In today’s post she talked about the hole that can be the internet. She talked about how you can sit down to do one task on the computer and an hour later resurface and been on many different websites and maybe not even accomplished what you set out to accomplish. She discussed this in terms of teaching but I think it can apply to everyday life as well.

Also, I checked out Caitlin’s post on Priorities and becoming more organized in your life. She had just listened to a presentation at the Healthy Living Summit (which by the way I really want to attend next year) about it and wanted to start re-organizing her life. She used the steps giving during the presentation to prioritize and organize her life.

After today I realize that I need to have a little more organization and structure in my life. I know it is summer vacation but I know I’m not getting accomplished what I want to get accomplished. I’m going to spend some time tonight after dinner doing a little life organization using the steps provided by Caitlin and then I will be posting about it tomorrow.

New Comment Section

So today I added a new comment section so I can reply to your comments. You can ask a question and I can actually reply. Sometimes I reply in the post below but how is anyone to know? I’m hoping this comment section is now up and running so please, please, please comment so I can test it out!

That’s all for today. Check back tomorrow for Organizing Part II.

~ Katie :)