Monday, July 19, 2010

Me Day

I woke up this morning cranky, stressed and in an all round bad mood. This mood continued for most of the morning and into the early afternoon.

After dropping the husband off at work I came home had some breakfast and hopped in the shower. Breakfast was Ancient Grains toast with pb and oj.

July 006

After my shower I met one of my oldest friends for coffee. I don’t want to complain on the blog today but does anyone else have friends that they continue to hang out with mostly because they’ve been friends for such a long time? My friend and I really don’t have much in common anymore and sometimes it’s almost awkward trying to come up with conversations. I’m really glad I got to see her before we leave this weekend but it was still a little bit of a strange get together.

After coffee I came home to make some lunch (un-pictured) – leftover oven pizza from yesterday’s lunch. It was fine but nothing to get excited about.

Afterwards I headed downtown for a doctor’s appointment. I really wasn’t looking forward to this. I really wanted to get a check-up before we leave for Calgary since I don’t want to be rushing to find a new doctor as soon as we get to town but I just don’t love going to the doctor. I go every year and every year she tells me how healthy I am so I know I don’t really have anything to worry about I just don’t look forward to it.

After finished up (with another rave review :P) my mood instantly picked up. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to enjoy it. I wanted to make it a ‘me day’ and leave all the packing and cleaning stress behind.

Up first was to see if I could get my eyebrows waxed at a salon near my doctors. Check!

Once that was done I decided to head to Dalhouise University one of the most beautiful places in Halifax for a walk and to take some pictures.

I absolutely love Dal. I did my undergraduate program there and the campus is beautiful. So many trees and gorgeous landscaping. It’s funny though you always forget how beautiful a place is until your about it leave it. This really includes all of Nova Scotia. I think just recently I’ve been appreciating NS so much more and enjoying is natural beauty.

Here are just a few pictures of the beautiful Dal campus:

(this was actually a church I walked past on my way to Dal)

July 009

The school of Dentistry

July 014

July 019

The cool paintings of the university

July 021

July 023

 July 024

The Arts Centre

July 027

About half way through my walk I stopped at Second Cup for a Mangro Fruit Chiller.

July 031

I enjoyed it in these lovely chairs.

July 028

I decided to pull out my book and read for a little while in the sun as well.

July 033

My view while reading.

July 035

After enjoyed my chiller, my book and the sun for a little while I got up and continued on my walk.

July 039

July 040 

July 043

I always loved how the moss grows on these old buildings.

July 044

July 045

Another cool new feature (since I left in 2002) of the school is the pretty chairs they have put everywhere so people can enjoy the outdoors and the scenery of the school.

July 046

July 049

July 052

July 057

July 059

July 060

After my two hour walk I drove home and first thing I did was down some water and then I grabbed a granola bar from the freezer and enjoyed it was a cold glass of pink lemonade.

July 061

In continuing with my ‘me day’ I took a nice long afternoon nap.

After I woke up I curled up on the couch with In Defense of Food.

What a great day it has been. The husband is working late so I’m going to go and throw a few things we have left in the fridge to try to make some dinner. It’s probably going to consist of chicken, red peppers, zucchini, carrots and rice noodles. I guess a stir-fry of sorts.

The countdown continues! Leaving in 6 days!

~ Katie :)


Anonymous said...

I love your pics of Dal. We are going to visit in a few weeks and I can't wait to see the campus again. I also have a friend that I have little in common with... it almost felt like a chore to get together, we ended up "breaking up" a few months ago. Sad but necessary sometimes.

Angie All The Way said...

I love Dal campus and loved going to school there too. It's been ages since I've set foot. I love the September atmosphere the best :-) What a great place to go to spend some time walking and reading!