Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Sometimes life gets in the way of postings. That’s what happened for the last two days. Friday I should have been able to blog but after work I headed to get my bangs trimmed(I’ll have to post some pictures of my new duo soon) and ended up at the mall until it was time to pick up the hubby. Then yesterday ended up being a relaxing day on the couch and I just didn’t pick up the computer all day.

Since I’m still lacking in pictures I’m sure you don’t need a run down of everything I’ve had since my last post I’ll just catch you up from the weekend.

Yesterday somehow I fell a little off track.

First mistake: skipping breakfast.

I had gotten up late then did a little cleaning and relaxing and by the time I realized I was hungry it was 11:30. We decided to make some homemade pizza for lunch. It was great and everything on it was healthy: boneless skinless chicken, turkey bacon, whole wheat crust, onions, mushrooms.  But when you end up eating 1/2 the pizza because your starving from the lack of breakfast that’s not such a good thing.

We had plans to go to the health and fitness show here in Calgary yesterday afternoon but it was –25 with the wind chill yesterday and we just couldn’t get motivated to get out of the house. We ended up watching a House Hunters/House Hunters International marathon instead.

By the time we wanted dinner it was 6. We had planned on heading to the grocery store and get something healthy but our stomachs won and we ordered Chinese food. I had a spring roll, won tons soup, rice and chicken with mixed veggies. I guess it definitely could have been worst but not in the game plan for the week.

Even with the indulging yesterday I got up this morning and weighted myself and I know I don’t usually talk about weight on here but I had lost 3 lbs this week. I had gained a little weight over the holidays so it was great to see that number this morning. I guess that all the tracking, working out and all the water I’ve had this week really worked.

Today the plan is:

  • Get back on track with food
  • Hit up the health and fitness show
  • Head to the gym for a swim
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Drink lots of water
  • Pick up a new water bottle since I broke up Starbucks sippy cup the other day.

I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how that went.

~ Katie :)