Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping Warm

So yesterday I made a list of things I was planning for the day. Things went really well and I got most of the list accomplished.

Breakfast yesterday was light – 1/2 a whole wheat English muffin, peanut butter, a sprinkle of granola and 1/2 a glass of oj.

I spend the morning reading and relaxing on the couch while waiting for the husband to do a little work. Lunch was a little leftovers from the previous night’s Chinese food. I tried to keep it light and had the last of the won ton soup and 1/2 a cup of fried rice.

After lunch Matt and I got started on our to-do list. Since we were running a little late and had a few other places to go that weren’t on our original list we ended up having to skip our plans to hit up the health and fitness show. I was a little disappointed but I did hear since it was the year’s first show it was still a little small. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it next year.

We did manage to first hit up the pool for a 30 min swim. Afterwards, we headed to Starbucks for a tall skinny vanilla latte and a new water bottle.

January 016

They didn’t have any sippy cups at the one we went to so I got this one instead.

January 017

I think it’s pretty cute.

Then it was time to go to Mountain Equipment Co-op to pick up some hats and gloves to keep ourselves warm in this cold Alberta winter. It was –30 with the wind chill yesterday and it’s suppose to stay like this for most of the week.

I needed a new hat. What do you think?

January 038

Sorry for the crazy eyes. I still haven’t really figured out how to take a picture of myself in the mirror (trust me when I say – this is the best shot I got).

We had one last stop at Home Depot then we headed home for dinner.

Dinner was some stuffed pasta. Simple and easy. I order to keep the dinner healthy I first pared it with a salad.

January 006

(Arugula, carrots, yellow pepper, cucumber and baby tomatoes)

Then I did a great job controlling my portion size. I broke up the meal into 5 servings so I knew how much I’d be eating and I’d have lots of leftovers for the week.

 January 011

It was a great strategy and I was very surprised how full I was even after eating about 1/2 as much as I might normally eat.

January 009

My evening snack was a few grapes the the husband and I split while watching a movie on the couch.

Well I’m off now to go pick up the husband from work but I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of pictures an and update from today.

~ Katie :)