Monday, September 6, 2010

Wordless Long Weekend

So I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. We had a fantastic time here in Calgary. This included a long walk (not sure of the km – if I had to guess it would have been approx. 5-6km) on Saturday along with some shopping, dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant, Sunday included finishing setting up the apartment and some tasty eats and today we took my niece and nephew swimming. All in all, a great weekend.

Most of the pictures are food pics with a few others in the mix. Sorry that a couple of the pictures are such bad lighting – they were taken with my phone in the restaurant and it was dark (and romantic).

Here is the weekend through pictures.

September 001

Saturday morning brunch.

September 002 September 003

September 005 

Coffee Art in the form of a Chocolate Latte from Deville.

September 007

My new iphone 4.

September 046 September 048

September 049 

September 009

Dinner included Calamari, the BEST cheese ravioli I’ve ever had and a glass of white wine.

September 055 September 053

For dessert we split a cinnamon bun we had picked up earlier in the day.

September 011 September 013

September 012

September 016

Porgies (with some yogurt for dipping) and salad (romaine, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, red and yellow peppers, cheese, sunflower seeds and grapes) for lunch Sunday.

September 024 September 021

September 019

Dinner: Turkey burger with mozza and salad (spinach, red pepper, avocado and mango – awesome combo. Thanks Ali!)

September 025

September 035

September 040

September 043

September 045

Overall, great weekend! We’re heading out to pick up a pizza to end this long weekend. Swimming is exhausting!

Finally, iphone or blackberry? I had a blackberry but just got the new iphone 4 on Saturday. Love it!

~ Katie :)