Friday, September 17, 2010

Short and Sweet

I just wanted to write a quick post catching up on my daily eats. I know I promised some pictures of my purchases yesterday but I’m a little behind so those will have to wait till tomorrow.

Breakfast this morning was an egg white omelette topped with some mozza and a couple of slices of the chocolate chip banana bread I picked up at the market yesterday.

September 002

After running out to pick up cat food and doing a couple of things around the house I couldn’t get the veggie burgers from last night out of my head so I had another one with some mozza and spinach on a whole wheat bun served with a side of baby tomatoes.

September 007

Just as good as I remember them.

September 005

After lunch I did some more job stuff before getting ready for yoga. I hit up another hot foundation class at Bohdi Tree Yoga. This was another great class. I felt much more focused this time throughout the whole class and I felt strong, confident and relaxed. I’m looking forward to another class tomorrow.

After yoga I was heading to my step-brother’s house for dinner so on the way I snacked on a homemade protein bar.

September 009

These were just as good as the originals. You can’t even taste the protein powder.

Dinner was pita pizzas. I had a simple pizza with spinach, feta and a little mozza. After dinner I had a homemade cupcake that my niece and nephew made earlier that day - how can you say no to a 3 year old and 5 year old :P

Now I’m just chillin’ on the couch before heading to bed. The hubby comes home tomorrow – YAY!

Night all!!

~ Katie :)