Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall is Here

As the title suggests fall in definitely here in Calgary. Actually, it’s almost more like winter. There are rumors of snow (although I haven’t seen any for myself yet), frost warnings and yesterday morning it was –1 with the wind chill (in the morning – it warmed up to 7 during the day). I’m not sure what sort of town my husband and I moved to but when it’s 5 degrees here and 18 in Halifax it definitely makes me miss the east coast. Right now the weather network is saying it could go up to 15 or 16 next weekend. Here’s hoping that’s true.

So as you may remember I mentioned that on Thursday after I dropped the husband off at the airport I decided to do a little shopping to make the house have more of that fall feel to it.

I wanted to share my purchases with you.

First up: we bought this cute little stand to hold fake flowers, etc in it a year or so ago at the multi-cultural festival in Halifax along with some really adorable paper flowers. Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how to transport them safely (the flowers) to Calgary (they were too long to fit in a box and we just didn’t have room for them in the car) so we gave them to my sister. The stand has been sitting in the apartment empty until the other day.

I picked up this cute sunflower to fill the stand.

September 017

Do you think it looks lonely? I couldn’t decide if I should get one or two. I figured I’d start with one and go from there.

September 018

I couldn’t help but play around with the camera.

September 019 September 020

September 021

Next up I picked up a tall, square glass jar and some pumpkins and acorns to fill it with.

September 011

The sun seems to be exceptional harsh today.

I had a few extra pumpkins so I just scattered them around the place.

September 016

I also picked up some squash candles. I stuck two in little glass jars and pared them with the pumpkins and acorns.

September 012

Aren’t they cute.

September 014

Then I placed the jars by the window between two lamps (I had to move a picture from there)

September 010

More bad lighting.

September 009

I also had some more squash left over so I also just found homes for them.

September 022

Can you find them in my over-filled bookcase? I think it needs a little re-organizing.

More cute squash.

September 024

September 023 September 025

September 026

Finally, my last purchases were a cute fall bowl and plate.

September 036

These are going to be great for blogging :)


September 030 September 031

September 032

Bowl shaped as a leaf.

September 027

So adorable.

September 028

Ok, I’m off to yoga and then picking up the hubby from the airport. YAY!!!

~ Katie :)