Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ACCRT Days 4 and 5

So I’m super behind on my blogging right now. The end of the trip brought many things including a bit of the stomach flu and I just wasn’t up for blogging. I’m going to do two quick recaps of the last four days and post some pictures.

Day 4 of ACCRT was the trip from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay. Jaime had commented earlier that she had hoped we had made it to the waterfront in Sault Ste. Marie because it was beautiful. Unfortunately, with the brake problems from day 3 and the long drive we had we didn’t arrive from the hotel until 9 pm, we were exhausted and just didn’t have the energy to go out.

Day 4 was the most beautiful drive we had but also the worst day for me. I was uncomfortable, my body was getting sore from driving and I was getting a touch of the stomach flu. Also, to top it all off our camera battery died so we didn’t get very many pictures even thought we could have taken pictures all day long.

My eats of day 4 are un-photographed due to the lack of battery but I do know there was a salad for lunch and maybe a sub for dinner?? Not sure about dinner, without the pictures it’s all starting to blur together.

The drive to Thunder Bay is through the mountains beside Lake Superior and it gorgeous. Here are a few pictures we took before the battery died:

July 007

July 008

July 016

The mountains were so high up and the clouds were so low that we were driving right through them.

July 011

Please don’t might the dirty windshield. We were finally able to find a car wash in Thunder Bay.

July 018

A few more of Lake Superior from a ‘scenic lookout’

July 022

July 023

July 024

July 025

Day 5 of the trip was much better in terms of driving. I had done some yoga when arriving at the hotel in Thunder Bay so I was able to stretch out my body a little and was feeling a lot less sore. I was still having stomach problems but it was coming and going throughout the day.

Breakfast started with a coffee from MacDonald’s.

July 001

And two hash browns.

July 003

The drive through the rest of Ontario really started to flatten out during this time.

July 005

July 012

And the trees started to thin out.

July 010

July 011

Around lunch we hit Kenora and grabbed MacDonald’s (again). I’m not a big fan of it but there wasn’t much to choose from and since my belly was still upset I figured I’d just have a little bit of something so I really didn’t care what it was.

I had a couple of nuggets.

July 032

And a few fries.

July 033

Just after leaving Kenora we hit the Manitoba border. Too bad the picture didn’t turn out.

July 035

Here where things started to really flatten out.

July 047

July 050

July 041

July 048

Once we arrived in Winnipeg we dropped off our stuff at the hotel and headed to what we heard was the ‘must see’ of Winnipeg: The Forks. This is the place that the Red River and the Assiniboine River meet.

Here are some pictures.

July 071

July 075

July 076

July 077

July 079

July 080

July 081

July 082

July 093

July 095

July 104

July 110

July 114

This is a pedestrian only bridge going over the river.

July 106

In the center of the bridge is a restaurant in the centre of the bridge where we ate dinner.

 July 123

Here was our view while we were eating.

July 118

This was the second restaurant that had a vehicle hanging from its ceiling.

 July 120

When deciding what to order for dinner I was feeling better (or I thought I was) so I decided on chicken strips and fries. I knew our trip was almost over and I was going back to healthy eating so I made my fries a poutine.

July 121


Just looking at my dinner makes me feel gross. I didn’t even eat any of the poutine and just some of the chicken. I was also wrong about feeling better (this happened a couple of times on the trip) and this dinner just made my stomach worse.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for the night.

I’m going to leave you with a picture of Charlie enjoying another hotel room.

July 070

~ Katie :)


Rita said...

I hope you enjoyed the folks, it's a neat place every now and again. Charlie is too funny.

Jaime said...

haha, love that shot of Charlie!

Kenora was pretty much my fave part of my trip (but I'd been to Winnipeg before and knew someone fabulous in Kenora). So pretty!

I wanted to eat at that Salsbury House but Arron wouldn't let me because he's from the Peg and those things are all over the city. LOL.