Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ACCRT Days 6 and 7

We are finally nearing the end of the road trip. It was long, exciting and very tiring. Day 6 was a short drive. Winnipeg to Regina. It was only about 5.5 hours so we decided to sleep in a bit and catch up on our rest.

Breakfast in Winnipeg was the first hot breakfast we had had since the trip had started. I had French Toast. I was wonderful but again I just couldn’t eat very much.

As the day went on things started to become flatter and flatter.

July 003

July 007

There was also MacDonald’s coffee this morning too – but just coffee.

July 008

More pictures…

July 020

July 022

July 025

July 040

We stopped in Brandon, Manitoba for lunch. I had a ceaser salad and chicken sandwich for lunch.

Heading into Saskatchewan is where we got some good pictures of how flat this area really is.

July 042 

July 044

July 047

July 052

July 057

July 058

Around 2:00pm local time we finally hit the border.

July 059

While driving into Regina we hit a rain storm. We could see it miles before we drove into it.

July 067

It was a huge rain storm but it only lasted for about 15 mins.

July 075

July 076

Then there was sun again driving into Regina.

July 077

Once we reached our hotel we found out we had a beautiful room with a king sized bed and lots of space.

July 090

July 083

Then we showered and headed out to downtown Regina.

Being from the Maritimes we figured the best way to celebrate being in the prairies was to go to Red Lobster – I know, I know.

We both got the Shrimp Trio.

July 102

I got mine with potatoes and Matt got fries.

It was good but huge. After I finished I still had tons left on my plate.

July 103

After dinner we decided to get cultured and we hit up the Art Gallery.

July 106

Since we can’t take pictures inside I can’t show you all the wonderful art we saw.

After that we headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep before our last day on the road.

ACCRT day 7 is pretty uneventful. This was the worst day of my stomach flu and I didn’t eat much, slept most of the trip and didn’t take any pictures.

Most of my food intake for the day included popsicles and chicken soup when we arrived in Calgary. It was about and 7 hour drive and it couldn’t happen quick enough. I was tired of the prairies, tired of the car and tired of eating out. All I wanted was our new apartment, our stuff back and some real, cooked food.

We arrived in Calgary 5pm local time, met with our landlord to see the apartment, emptied our car, when for a quick visit with my step-brother and his family and made a trip to the grocery store.

We were tired and happy to finally be in our new home.

That’s all the blogging I’m going to do for today but tomorrow will be exciting. I’ll post some pictures of our new apartment and I have my first giveaway coming up.

I’m currently sitting here while the movers unpack out stuff so there’s lots to show you and blog about. As well, I’m very excited to get back to a healthy lifestyle which includes some yummy eats and my first trip to the gym here in Calgary.

I’ll leave you with one more kitty pictures. This is during Day 6 when Charlie decided he would jam himself in between my seat and the car door.

July 018

~ Katie :)


Rita said...

Oh I recognize that barn! and they paved the Sask Info parking lot. Good to know :) It is terribly flat but it feels just like home. I'm so glad you're finally new home.

Jaime said...

So sorry you were sick for much of your trip! Sounds like you had a bit of a miserable time...I was hoping you'd be all in love with the whole trip the way I was!!

Congratulations on making it. Can't wait to see your new home.