Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Starbucks how I love thee…

Just went out to grab a coffee so I could have one while blogging. Grande, non-fat, extra-hot Vanilla Latte.

March 010 

Yes, that’s right I have an espresso maker in the background and I still get my coffee from starbucks. I use to make my own all the time but I’ve become very lazy. Maybe I’ll make my own tomorrow –I’m actually pretty good. Hmmm… 

This morning I woke up knowing I needed to eat more protein today so I figured I’d start with breakfast. As I looked through the cupboards I realized that I had nothing. So again I had my staple breakfast. Greek Yogurt, granola, chia seeds and this time I added some fresh pineapple. The sweetness of pineapple was a great contrast to the greek yogurt.

As I was getting ready for the gym I was still a little hungry so I grabbed a granola bar from the freezer. I love these!!!

March 002 March 004

I just wanted to do a quick 20 min interval run when I went to the gym. I had a massage in the afternoon and I didn’t want over work. As I was leaving for the gym I was even able to convince Matt to come with me.

At the gym I did a 20 min interval run – running between 6.2-7.2 for one min and walking at 3.6 for a min. I was really pushing myself. Usually I walk at 3.4 and run between 5.8-6.5.

After I got home and was cleaned up and showered I started to feel really queasy. I didn’t feel like eating even though I knew I probably should. So what does a girl do in this situation. She goes to twitter. Amy, Scott and Jaime all told me to eat something (carbs and protein).

I decided to take their advice and I made myself some lunch. Bagel sandwich with whole wheat bagel, turkey, cheddar cheese and spinach and a green smoothie. Green smoothie consisted of spinach, more fresh pineapple, flaxmeal, UVAB and ice. The lunch was a little large but I felt so much better. Thanks so much guys, you were right :)

March 007 March 006

I then hydrated before my massage and headed out.

This was my massage. It hurt but felt great. I think I’m going to need to keep going to be able to get all the knots out of my back.

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some oats and peanut butter and I ended up finding some yummy looking organic tea.

March 012

Organic Rooibos tea of South Africa. I can’t wait to try it.

March 014

When I got home I hydrated some more and had another granola bar (I’m addicted)

By the time dinner came I had no idea what I was going to make. I decided to take some chicken out of the freezer. I looked through my cookbooks and found a recipe in Eat, Shrink and Be Merry that I thought I looked good but I didn’t have all the ingredients. Oh well, I improvised. Hickey BBQ Sauce, lemon, chill power and some fresh ginger. Mixed it all up, dipped in the chicken (cut up in strips) and put in the over for 20 mins. Served with roasted brussel sprouts, and the last of the leftover pasta. Yummy and filling.

March 008

Now I’m sipping on my coffee and watching American Idol. I think I’m also going to make a repeat of my dessert from last night yogurt and mini eggs. Hope everyone is having a great evening.

~ Katie :)

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Liane said...

There is something about someone else making my americano that fills me with such happiness :=)
I never used my espresso machine, ever, when i had one!

I've felt nauseous too after working, sometimes having some chocolate milk works!