Monday, October 25, 2010

First Snowfall

I woke up this morning to this…

October 015

And this…

October 016

Although the road wasn’t covered the ground, cars and rooftops were. Our first snowfall of the year. Even though I love the look of snow I was not impressed – it’s only October.

I had to get up this morning and drive my dad to the airport so after a long expedition (I won’t go into details but a 45 min trip ended up being about 2 hours) so on the way home I stopped at starbucks and splurged on this…

 October 019

Grande Non-Fat, No Whip Pumpkin Spice Latte and this…

October 018

Pumpkin Scone.

And now I’m sitting on the couch doing this…

October 020

Icing my poor knee. I’m not sure what I did to it but I’ve been having throbbing pain in it for a little over 12 hours now. I’ve been putting the ice on for about 30 mins then giving myself a break from the freezing cold. I’m going to continue to do this for the next for hours and hopefully it will start to feel better.

So the reason I’ve been absent from the blog world for almost a week or so is the arrival of family. My dad and step-mom came into town on Wednesday evening and we’ve been busy ever since. Here’s a quick rundown of my weekend.


  • Spend most of the morning cleaning and grocery shopping for the arrival of my dad and stepmom. They came to the our apartment for dinner that night. I made a macaroni casserole for dinner and it turned out great. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was really great to see family from home.


  • Friday was a little more chilled. Matt took the day off work and we hung out with the niece and nephew for most of the afternoon. That night the boys (my dad, Matt, and my two stepbrothers) went to a football game that evening so the girls (myself, my stepmom and my stepsister-in-law) hung out with the little kids, ordered chinese and had a girls night.


  • Matt and I spend the morning/early afternoon in Banff with my dad and stepmom and then in the late afternoon it was the niece and nephew’s birthday party. The party was super fun and the kids were awesome.


  • We celebrated a late Thanksgiving. It included lots of family and some great food. A wonderful way to spend the end of the weekend.

Well that’s it for me today. I should be back to regular scheduled blogging tomorrow. I’m subbing tomorrow (yay my first subbing day of the year) at a private school so my blog post might be a little later then usual but I’ll definitely be blogging.

I’ll leave you with a pic of my lunch. I decided to do breakfast for lunch since I enjoyed my pumpkin scone for breakfast.

October 021

Lunch was a two egg scramble with spinach and feta and a blueberry waffle. I topped the waffle with a little maple syrup.

October 024

Overall, delicious!

~ Katie :)