Friday, July 2, 2010

The Things you Find

Morning Blog World!

It’s a beautiful Friday morning and I’m happy to be up and at it early this morning. Lot to do.

I figured I’d start this morning off catching up on the last 24-36 hours.

Yesterday morning started with yoga! Out on the deck no less.

June 017

It was a beautiful sunny Canada Day so I thought I’d start out on the right foot. Look at beautiful scenery from my deck.

June 018

Even my kitty enjoyed the view.

June 016

I decided to do a yoga workout that I had found on the Women’s Health website a while a go.

June 015

You can find the full workout here.

After 30 mins of calm, relaxing but intense yoga I headed inside and Matt and I had some breakfast. On today’s menu was Omelettes. Mine had some mozza and turkey bacon.

June 020

Served with an orange.

 June 019

We needed a good protein filled breakfast to get us through the day. We had big plans. Cleaning out storage room!

If you remember from last week this is what it looked like to start:

June 001

I took pictures along the way to show your our progress:

June 021

Charlie being in the way most all of the time!

June 022

Look what you find when you haven’t cleaned in a while:

June 026

Floppy disks! Hahaha!

June 030

After empting everything out and putting what we are keeping back in here’s the finished product:

June 037

Much better then the first picture I think! We now have stuff everywhere they we need to take to a charity and donate and we took about 5 bags of garbage down to the garbage room yesterday but overall we were very productive.

At some point in the afternoon we headed downstairs for lunch. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with mozza and lots of water. Since my camera had been upstairs I never got around to taking pictures of it.

We worked on the storage room for about 7 hours and by the time we got done we were famished.

Dinner was BBQ Chicken with baby potatoes.

June 039

Along with whatever veggies we had in the house: red and orange peppers, cucumber and snow peas.

June 038

We spend the rest of the evening chilling and relaxing. We were going to try to make it to the fireworks last night but we were pooped!

After a good night’s sleep last night I got up early to drive Matt to work and get another workout in at the gym.

Pre-workout fuel: kashi bar and 1/2 and orange.

Today’s workout was similar to Wednesday’s

  1. 20 min run on the treadmill at 5.2
  2. 15 mins on the stairmaster at 3. The last 5 mins I did 1 min intervals between 3 and 4.
  3. 10 mins of intervals on the treadmill that looked like this:
    • Run 1 min @ 6.9, walk 1 min
    • Run 1 min @ 7.0, walk 1 min
    • Run 1 min @ 7.2, walk 1 min
    • Run 45 sec @ 7.5, walk 1.25 mins
    • Run 30 sec @ 8.0, Walk 1.5 mins

It was another great sweaty workout and I ended up burning 500 calories! It felt great.

Post-workout fuel/breakfast: a piece of Ancient Grains bread with pb and a glass of oj.

Happy Friday Everyone!

~ Katie :)

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