Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick, Simple, Easy

I haven’t slept very well that past two nights so I’ve been sleeping in a little and letting the husband take the car to work and because of this I haven’t made it to the gym over the past two days.

That’s ok thought. I’ve had plenty to do.

Like the title of my blog post food has been quick, simple and easy over the past day or so.

Yesterday morning I was craving chocolate after I got up so I whipped up a quick patch of Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes.

July 002

Topped with some Nova Scotia Maple Syrup…

July 001

Lunch was veggies – cucumber, baby tomatoes, carrots and orange peppers.

July 004

With some vegetable hummus.

July 005

With some grapes and fresh, local strawberries for dessert.

July 003

Last night’s dinner was Subway (unpictured). We had some running around to do so we grabbed a sub while we were out. This is the third day in a row we’ve had Subway. I’m looking forward to being home tonight and making dinner.

This mornings breakfast was simple. Sunflower flax toast with pb and a glass of oj.

July 006

This is the first time we’ve bought this bread but I really enjoyed it.

At some point mid-morning I also snacked on 1/2 and orange as well.

Lunch was similar to yesterday’s. Veggies: carrots, baby tomatoes and cucumber. As well as, three slices of light laughing cow cheese with some crackers, water and more local strawberries for dessert.

July 007

Sorry for the short post today. Lots to do!

~ Katie :)

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