Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pump It Up

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Thanks so much for everyone sticking with me lately. I know my blogging has been super sporadic and maybe not very exciting but there’s lots going on in my world right now and I promise I will be blogging about it very soon.

As I think I mentioned yesterday last night I was going to cook supper no matter what! I was tired of Subway and needed a home cooked meal.

Dinner was Chicken Quesadillas. The husband and I had another night of running around to do but this time I was determined to cook so we whipped today some BBQ chicken, cheese (monterey Jack and cheddar), whole wheat tortillas as well as some onions for the hubby.

Easy healthy dinner.

July 002

With some BBQ sauce for dipping.

July 004

That evening when we got home we munched on some cherries (unpictured).

This morning after driving the hubby to work I had a piece of Sunflower flax toast with pb and some oj. Since I forgot to take a picture of this mornings meal I’m going to recycle the one from yesterday.

July 006

I got to work doing some more organizing and mid-afternoon snacked on a light laughing cow slice and hydrated with some water.

July 005

Lunch was some Annie’s Mac and Cheese (with a little added in parmesan to pump it up a bit)…

July 011

Along with some carrots and baby tomatoes for veggies.

July 015

Super easy to through together while getting stuff done.

July 009

Again, thanks for sticking with me everyone. I know it’s the summer and we all love to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather but I really appreciate anyone who’s reading!

~ Katie :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, Glad you're enjoying this beautiful summer weather. Always happy to read your posts! :) I looove Annie's Mac & Cheese and read a great recipe in Whole Living (back when it was still Body + Soul) for "pumping it up" a bit: Add roasted tomatoes, fresh thyme and a bit of salt and pepper. One of my favorite quick and easy pantry meals. :)

Yum Yucky said...

I've never had Amy's mac & cheese. It looks sooo good! (stomach growling now)