Friday, June 25, 2010

Travel Day

Hello from Calgary Everyone!

I’m sitting here in the hotel room at 9:15 Calgary time and we’ve been up for two hours already. I’m not sure how the time change thing will go. I guess we’ll have to wait to tonight to see.

Wednesday night after blogging it was time to pack. It was an interesting experience. We went to grab Matt’s suitcase out of our crazy, overfilled, messy storage room and this is what we came across:

June 001

Mountains of crap! And his suitcase was in the back of all of it.

After 20 mins of digging around we finally found it and starting our packing.

 June 005

Shoes (I’m a flip flop kinda gal)…

June 004

June 002

Travel clothes minus the yoga pants…

June 008

Airplane snacks…

June 009

Carry on bag…

June 012


June 017

The pink poke-a-dot luggage is my sister’s that I borrowed for the trip.

Yesterday after arriving at the airport we decided to grab dinner. We were going to do Tim’s sandwiches but since we arrived at the airport a little early so we hit up a pub instead.

June 019

Since we’re heading for the beef capital of Canada I decided to have some Maritime fish before leaving.

June 020

I must say this place had horrible service and the food was not great either.

June 022

I only ate about half.

Before getting on the plane I grabbed at huge thing of water to stay hydrated.

June 023

I also got a tall, skinny,vanilla latte at the airport.

My pedicure from earlier that day…

June 027


June 025

And waiting…

June 028

Our flight was delayed about 45 mins.

I drank about 1/2 the water while on the plane (I was worried about using the washroom too much) and had some bits and bites.

We didn’t arrived until 11 Calgary time which was about 2 our time. By the time we got our luggage and got to the hotel it was almost midnight (around 3am) so we crashed.

Overall, it was a good flight and a good trip but very tiring.

I’ll be back later tonight with a run down of our first day.

Bye from Calgary

~ Katie :)

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