Saturday, June 26, 2010

Calgary Day 1

Morning tweeps.

It’s our last morning at the hotel before my step-brother comes to pick us up to spend some time with him and his family.

Yesterday was busy but a great day. Even after not going to bed until 12 local (3am Atlantic) we still managed to get up around 7:30 local. Once up we decided to head down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. We decided to do one day with a big extravagant breakfast so today was the day and we got the breakfast buffet.

I started with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns a apple pastry and a side of fruit.

June 030

My second serving was a pancake, a piece of french toast and more fruit.

June 031

I was getting pretty full full so I only ate about half of the second serving.

After that we had some time to kill so we decided to go for a walk around downtown before Matt had to head to his meetings.

When we got back I went out with my step-brother, niece and nephew for the afternoon while Matt had to work. For some reason I didn’t use my camera very much but I was able to see some a of the city and spend some time with the little ones.

At some point the afternoon I realized I should eat something so I grabbed a bagel with some pb for lunch. My internal clock was all messed up and I couldn’t figure out if I was hungry or not or if I was tired. Yesterday was a tough day on my body.

After meeting back up with Matt at the hotel around 5 we decided to walk and find a place to eat. We ended up walking for over an hour looking around and by they we were starving and needed dinner.

We basically stopped at the first place we could find. I think it was called Milestone’s.

I started with a Raseberry Lemon Drop Martini and for an appetizer we had Asian Chicken Bites. They were good but very spicy. Dinner I had an Italian Sausage Ravioli with three different kind of sauces. A pesto,  a marinara and a cheese sauce. It was really good and I really wish I had remembered to take pictures. I think I was so tired and hungry at this point that I just completely blanked.

Afterwards we came back to the hotel, watched a little tv and crashed at about 8:30. I know, not very exciting but we were so tired we could hardly keep our eyes open. Hopefully with all the sleep we got last night we will be feeling better today.

I’m going to leave you with a few pics that I did take during the day.


June 032

June 033

There are so many parks in the middle of the city. It’s pretty cool and very different then Halifax…

June 036

June 038

June 039

A few strange pieces of art work we found as well…

June 001

June 003

Overall, a good day! I’ll try to be better with my camera today and take lots of pictures to share tomorrow.

~ Katie :)

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Cat said...

milestones is probably my fav 'casual' restaurant. It started here in bc! If you go back, try the california spring salad. Goat cheese and spiced pecans...yum