Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cakes Galore

Happy Sunday Evening All!

It is now officially 3 weeks of school left until summer vacation. It can’t come soon enough. I’m pretty burnt out this year so I can’t wait for the summer. I still think it’s going to be a long three weeks.

This weekend has been full of babies, cake and good eats. Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my eats so I’ll just give my highlights.

Although this wasn’t on the weekend I’ll start with a yummy meal Matt and I made earlier in the week.

Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas from The Pioneer Woman’s website.

My ingredients list:

  • 2 grilled chicken breasts
  • grilled pineapple
  • whole wheat wraps
  • cheddar cheese
  • jalapeno pepper (for Matt)

First grill up the chicken…

 June 015

And the pineapple…

June 014

On one wrap sprinkle some cheddar…

June 013

Then add the grilled chicken, pineapple (and jalapeno if you like spicy peppers) and a little more cheddar…

June 016

Then add the second wrap and cook on each side for 3-5 mins.

June 019


June 020

Served with some organic carrots and baby tomatoes…

June 018

Other meals this weekend included some of my cheesy pasta on Friday night…

June 021 

A hummus and veggie wrap from Healthy Way at the mall on Saturday afternoon…

June 025

This included hummus, lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, carrots and broccoli all on a whole wheat wrap.

June 026

This was amazing! I will definitely be back to get another one. Very reasonable priced too.

After lunch on Saturday we heading to our friends son’s first birthday. There was so much food there.

Sandwiches and Cheese tray…

June 038

Veggie tray and fruit tray…

June 039

Lots of chips…

June 032

And more cake then any one year old would ever need.

Mickey cake…

June 045

And a baby Mickey cake for Gavin…

June 046

Fruit Mickey cakes…

June 044

A football cake…

June 043

And a black forest cake for the adults…

June 047

Who needs that much cake? Really? Anyways I did great I kept to veggies and fruit at the party with a couple of slices of cheese. I also split 1/2 a piece of black forest cake with the hubby. Just before leaving I had a tiny slice of the Mickey cake but over all I did great!

Here are a couple of other pics from the party:

June 029

June 053

June 060

June 072

June 055

June 077

June 081

Dinner last night was leftovers.

June 024

This morning I went to a friends baby’s baptism. They live in England so this is the first time they’ve been back since Sophie was born so it was great to see them.

June 099 

Dinner tonight was a huge salad! In the bowl organic spinach, red, orange and green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, baby tomatoes and blueberries.

June 103

And a few BBQ ribs..

June 105


I have more news to tell but since this was already a long post I’ll leave that for tomorrow evening.

Also, if you didn’t check out my post on My Water and Yoga Challenge check it out. I’d love any support/suggestions that you might have.

I’m again blogging while watching hockey (I’m a huge fan – can’t you tell :P) so I can’t leave without saying:


There up 3-0 so this game seems to be going better then Friday night’s game.

~ Katie :)


Nicole said...

Those cakes are amazing looking, all of them so cute! and what a cute baby too :)

Anonymous said...

These next 3 weeks will fly by and you'll be free!! :)

Those Quesadillas look delish, I'm saving that recipe. Hubby would love em too!

I've never heard of Healthy Way, is it in Halifax Shop?

That is a lot of cake. ;) Looks like a great 1st birthday.