Monday, May 31, 2010

Simple and Healthy Eats

Evening All!

This morning started bright and early at 5:15. When I got to the gym I did a 5 min run on the treadmill to warm-up then started Gina’s Summer Shape Up Week 1. Her workout’s are different this time. Instead of just strength training she included a combination of strength, flexibility and speed training. I’m going to follow it as much as possible as long as it fits into my workout schedule.

Today was strength training. I did the following workout in circuit-style (one of each exercise right after another with a 1-2 min rest at the end of each set and then repeat 3 times). Here’s a breakdown of my workout this morning:

Bend-Over Fly 15lbs 12 reps
Side Lying Lateral Raise 5lbs 12 reps per side
Ultimate Toe Touch 10 reps per side
Incline Bicep Curl (on Stability Ball) 15lbs 12 reps
Bend-Over Row 15lbs 12 reps
Reverse Crunch 15 reps
Stability Ball Back Extension 15 reps
Weighted Ball Crunch 10lbs 12 reps
Plie Squats 20lbs 15 reps
Chest Press on Stability Ball 20 lbs 12 reps

Overall it was a pretty good workout. Not my favourite but I got a great sweat in and felt pretty good afterwards. I did find the workout took a little longer then usual since I’m not use to some of the exercises. As well, I think I might need to push myself a little more with some of the weights. I will be doing this workout again on Friday so I’ll give it another try and let you all know how it goes then.

After my workout breakfast was a piece of flax toast and a protein green smoothie. In the blender: 2 large handfuls of organic spinach, 1 organic banana, 1 tbsp of flaxmeal, 1 scoop of lean whey and 1 cup of UVAB. Another great combo.

Lunch was a turkey sammie on an English muffin. Sliced turkey, mozza, spinach all on a whole wheat English muffin along with a yogurt cup and baby carrots.

After work I met a friend for a coffee date at Starbucks. I had skinny cinnamon dolce latte…

 May 002

And one of these babies…

May 001

Lemon Coconut Bar. Not the healthiest but definitely delicious.

Dinner was simple but healthy.

BBQ Chicken…

May 005

Roasted baby potatoes with thyme, rosemary, oregano and a little parmesan cheese. I read this combo on someone's blog on the weekend. I have not idea who’s it was so if I got the idea from you please let me know. I’d love to give you credit for it.

May 003

Yummy! What a great idea.

Served with some bbq’d asparagus with a little salt and ground pepper…

May 004

All together…

May 007

Easy. Healthy. Yummy. I actually only ate two pieces of the chicken but all the potatoes and asparagus. The picture doesn’t give credit to how much asparagus was actually on my plate and how big the asparagus actually was. So filling.

Dessert was Skinny Cow Ice-Cream Sandwich. What a great sweet treat for only 130 calories.

May 030

I’d better go. The hockey game is going to start in about 15 mins.

Go Hawks Go!

~ Katie :)


Janece said...

Looks great!! Thank you for sharing. Now I am hungry! lol

I love the weight training! We do weight training every other gym session. =)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm great idea about the potatos, I'm so stealing it! :)

Nellers said...

Mmmm to the skinny cinnamon dolce latte and the skinny cow ice cream sandwich! Those are two vices I cannot live without! ;)