Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Post That Almost Didn’t Happen

More that later…

Last night Matt and I had another early morning run planned. We knew the it was going to rain today but he was convinced that it wouldn’t be that bad so we’d be able to run outside. When we woke up I was excited that the rain hadn’t started. I was even more excited when I looked at the weather and it was plus 8 already. I figured it was going to be a great morning to run. All I can say is weather network fail! They said it there was no wind chill and man were they wrong. It was freezing!

Putting that aside we actually had a great run. We did week 2, day 1 of C25K. This consisted of 1.5 min run then 2 min walk. We did is six times and ran/walked a little over 2km in 20 mins. Even though it was chilly it was a great way to start the morning.

After the run I had a glass of oj and 1/5 a bagel with some pb…

March 001

My morning snack was a dark chocolate cherry kashi bar and a cheese string. (unpictured)

Lunch was the last of the leftover pasta and some kashi crackers…

March 005

Along with a yogurt – peach…

March 003

After work I had to run home to change and grab a few things before I picked up Matt so I grabbed a couple of spoonfuls of Coconut Liberte and a coconut kasha bar (I’m making my own Thursday – I’m getting tired of the pre-made ones).

When we got home I was tired and honestly a little cranky. It was a mentally exhausting day and I just wasn’t in the mood to cook. So my wonderful husband volunteered to go to subway to pick me us up subs for supper. He knew I wanted something healthy. Best.Husband.Ever.

I got a turkey sub on the cheesy bread. I haven’t had this bread in a while…so yummy!

I paired it was a glass of chocolate milk…

March 007

Dessert was coconut yogurt with a little extra unsweetened coconut added in along with granola and a spoonful of chocolate chips.

March 010

After dinner I sat down on the laptop to see if I could do a little work I needed to get done. One thing required filling out a form online and then printing it off. I spend about 30 mins filling out the form only to realize that I was on my laptop and I can’t actually print from here. I wouldn’t have to start all over again on the other computer. CRAP!

That just put me in a bad mood. I just didn’t want to do it again and really I just didn’t want to do anything (including blog) so I laid on the couch and took a nap. After I woke up I felt a little better but still wasn’t in the mood for blogging. I felt that my food just wasn’t all the interesting today so why bother. This is why I say “The Post that Almost Didn’t Happen”. After thinking about it for a few mins I realized that I actually might feel better after sitting down to write a blog post so here I am…finishing it up and I will say I do actually feel better. I’m really glad I wrote it.

So now I only have one more work day until my 5 day weekend. I took Thursday off to do some report cards but I think I might try to blog twice. I’m home alone why not?

Actually, I’m hoping to get in my ‘why I blog/my story’ post this weekend so that might be a great time to do it. Stay tuned….

~ Katie :)


Emily said...

Good for you on posting when you didn't feel like it. And good job on the C25K! I have wanted to start it but keep putting it off...

I am very bad at posting consistently and I think part of it is because I feel like my food is boring most of the time. I will try to do as you do and blog it anyway from now on :) Gotta start the habit sometime right?

hrclark said...

great job getting out there in the cold! I have yet to be dedicated enough to run alot outside, I find the emotions are totally different.