Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Is it ever cold in Calgary right now! Am I ever glad I bought that super cute hat the other day. When it’s –32 with the wind chill it is not fun to be outside!

Yesterday started out simple: 1/2 a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter, granola and a glass of orange juice.

January 002

I know my breakfast’s haven’t been very interesting lately. I’m usually in a rush when I’m teaching and I just make something simple and easy for breakfast.

I spent the day teaching grade 8’s yesterday. The day actually went pretty well. The kids were great, I had a great lesson plan to follow and the day went by quickly. All, in all I really can’t complain.

My morning snack was a small banana.

Lunch was the last of my leftover pasta.

January 043

Along with a yogurt cup.

January 001

And my drive home snack was a Kashi cherry and dark chocolate granola bar.

I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on The Bachelor and blogging before heading out to pick up Matt from work and heading to the pool for a swim.

My pre-gym snack was a tbsp of peanut butter. This seems to have become me go-to pre-gym snack. Quick, easy and full of protein.

My swim tonight was a 500 meter swim along with another 200 meters of kick and a 50 meter cool down. This took a total of 30 mins. It was a great swim yesterday and I’m still feeling the effects today.

After the swim we wanted something quick, easy and healthy. We opted for subs from Subway.

I had a 6’ sub with turkey, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper and cheese on a whole wheat bun.

Later in the evening I was having a serious craving for something sweet but I was able to curve it with grapes and a few cheese and crackers.

Well, I’m off now to enjoy by night off from the gym by spending some quality time with The Vampire Diaries.

~ Katie :)