Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sizzlin’ in the Sun

Happy Saturday Everyone. It’s the last weekend in May and Matt and I decided to chill and do nothing this weekend. We have lots going throughout the weekends in June so we figured we relax and not really make too many plans.

I got up around 9:30 and was craving pancakes so I grabbed the organic pancake mix I had in the cupboard and started mixing.

May 002

I mixed the mix with one egg and some skim milk (since I’m currently out of Almond Milk – I must pick some up tomorrow) and a splash of water.

May 001

Matt was having eggs so I just made three pancakes for myself.

May 003

I topped them with fresh strawberries and some maple syrup.

May 004

Perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

After breakfast Matt and I headed out to run some errands and get some groceries. We were going to hand to the gym after lunch. On our way to the grocery store we decided to skip the gym and go for a long walk on the waterfront since it was +22 out.

We walked for a while when we decided to grab some lunch. We stopped at Hart & Thistle right on the water and sat outside on the patio and enjoyed some lunch. We both got fish and chips but I got mine with sweet potato fries. The food there was great. I’d definitely recommend it.

While we were sitting there I realized that I had a strapless shirt on and no sunscreen. I could feel myself getting burnt.


I was a lobster by the time we got home.

May 010

I’m so sore now.

May 011

After I finished writing this post I’m going to go have a cold shower then get Matt to rub some aloe on it. I need to remember my sunscreen when I’m going out.

After we got home from the walk we played Mario on the Wii for a while – had a couple of beers (well Matt had beer I had some Mike’s that were in the fridge). We must be careful Mario Wii could cause a divorce – I’m kidding but seriously that game is very stressful :P

Dinner we decided to make a homemade pizza.

We picked up a thin crust at the superstore today and added some low cal pizza sauce.

May 005

Then added some chicken.

May 006

Turkey bacon and ground turkey.

May 007

Matt put some green pepper and red onion on his side of the pizza (if you’ve read my blog before you know that I just don’t like veggies on my pizza).

May 008

And some mozza.

May 009

Cooked in the oven for 8 mins and it turned out perfect.

May 012

I enjoyed two slices.

May 014

I’m currently blogging while the hockey game is on so I’d better say Go Hawks Go for the hubby – he is a huge Hawks fan – And they just scored.


~ Katie :)

Who’s watching the Stanley Cups Finals? Who are you rooting for? Obviously since the hubby is a Hawks fan I’m rooting for Chicago.

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Angela said...

Go Hawks!

I'm a Flames fan but I've known since September that the Blackhawks had that something special.

Katie, those pancakes look delicious. It's 10:30 in Calgary and I'm craving breakfasat now.