Monday, April 19, 2010

Not my Favourite Yoga Class

So before I start on today’s food I thought I’d share with you my yummy snack from last night. I actually can’t take the credit for this. I read it on Sammie’s blog the other day and when I saw mini angel food cakes at the grocery store I couldn’t resist.

Mini Angel food cake with fat free vanilla yogurt and berries.

April 001

So good.

Today was an interesting day. I really wasn’t feeling well most of the day so I didn’t actually eat too much. Breakfast was a cheese string and an apple on the go. By lunch I was not feeling well at all. I nibbled on leftovers from last nights Chicken Teriyaki dinner, some yogurt and a Kashi bar. After work I was feeling like complete crap but I wasn’t sure if it was the lack of food or I was actually getting sick so I stopped at home to grab another cheese string and a homemade granola bar before picking up Matt from work.

I felt a little better but not 100% so I just wanted something light for dinner.

A bowl of Low Fat, Low Sodium Cream of Mushroom Soup…

April 005

Grilled Cheese on flax seed bread with a mix of mozza and cheddar…

April 007

A glass of Pom Wonderful…

April 003

And lots of H2O…

April 004

After dinner I took a 30 min nap before deciding if I was up for yoga or not. After my nap I felt better and headed to yoga at Nubody’s.  I must say I’ve gone to this class a couple of times and enjoyed but tonight was different. I just didn’t enjoy it that much. It was about 90% stretching and 10% yoga. I was looking for something that would push me a little more. I much say tonight’s yoga was a fail. I think I’ll give the class at least one more try before I completely give up on it but I definitely like a class that pushes me a little more.

Sorry for the short post going to hang out with my husband before bed. Night.

~ Katie :)


Nicole said...

That dessert looks amazing, yum! I hate when I invest time in fitness classes and they aren't great. That's good you are giving it one more try though. Have you tried at all? I enjoy it!

Eco Yogini said...

awww, I have had those yoga classes where it wasn't exactly what I wanted. But at the same time (not to be all corny and so stereotypically 'yogi') they did teach me things about myself... since yoga isn't just about the physical.

however, it's a balance- to find what your body and mind both need.

I know Helen Fong teaches at Nubody's, and she'll be there tomorrow (tuesday) evening (she tweeted me the other day 'coffeeandyoga' :) ).

Hope your next class goes better!

Jaime said...

Funny, the first two times I went to that teacher's class I liked her...but last time I walked out feeling meh. Hopefully it's just a once in a while thing...she does have to switch it up so that everyone gets something out of it I guess!