Monday, April 26, 2010

Falling Behind

Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend. It was crazy busy.

My weekend looked like this:


Matt and I slept in a bit and then got up early and went for a late brunch at Cora’s. I decided to go with the fruit plate with a side of brie and a piece of whole wheat toast and pb.

We then spent the next 4-6 hours walking around and stopping at a couple of shops. Since it was sunny and warm out we spent most of the day outside walking. I am still sore from it today.

While I didn’t pick up much shopping I did find this new tea store in the mall. David’s Tea. And picked up a couple of things.

Organic Spring Break (coconut green tea)…

April 005

And it comes in the cute little container…

April 003

Some Agave nector sticks. A set of five original and five various (including: lime, peach, etc.)…

April 006

Since brunch was late we grabbed an early dinner at the Chickenburger in Bedford. I love this place. I hardly ever make it out there but it is always worth it. I usually skip the side orders and get both a chicken burger and a hamburger since they are small and I can never decide on which one I like better.

Its funny I had my camera with my all day an didn’t take a single picture.

We then headed home to watch Avatar for the first time and relax. I really didn’t have high expectations for Avatar. I’m not sure why but we just never made it to the theatre to see it so Matt decided to buy a copy on Saturday and we curled up on the couch to watch it. I actually enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would. I’ll definitely have to watch it again to get a full grasp on the movie.


Sunday was also pretty busy. Since we skipped grocery day on Saturday we had to make a trip to both Costco and Superstore.

Sunday started out with Oats in a Jar – Chocoloate Peanut Butter Oats to be exact. I can see why everyone raves about this. NOM!

April 002

Lunch was some Annie’s White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with added broccoli.

April 009

On the menu for tonight was Ribs…

April 013


April 011

Baby Potatoes…

April 012

Dinner: BBQ Ribs, Roasted Asparagus (with EVOO, salt and pepper) and Roasted Baby Potatoes (with EVOO, salt pepper, garlic powder, onion salt and thyme)…

April 016

I actually only ate half the ribs on my plate. They were huge and I could hardly finish them.


Breakfast was vanilla greek yogurt, granola and 1/2 a banana. I will have to agree with Jaime on this one. The vanilla greek yogurt is good but I’m not sure it’s worth the price. I’m not sure it’s THAT much better then the plain. I’d love to try some other flavours though (too bad we don’t get any here in Canada).

Lunch was left over Annie’s Mac and Cheese, a yogurt cup and a Cherry Dark Chocolate Kashi bar.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up a package of these:

April 018

I can’t wait to try them. Thanks Jaime :)

Dinner later is going to be pita pizza’s with chicken and spinach. Yummy :)

I’m going to leave you all now with some pictures of my new hair cut I got on Friday.

Old Hair Cut…

March 016

New Hair Cut…

April 015

Sorry it looks a little flat – I took it just after I got home from my school’s spring concert on Friday night and it had been a very long day.

I hope everyone had a great Monday back.

~ Katie :)

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Nicole said...

All that yummy food is making me hungry so I guess I should start dinner. That tea looks so good and those agave nectar packets are too cute too! I love your haircut, I know what a day/night with kids can do to your hair so a little flat is OK haha!

Eco Yogini said...

love your new 'do'!!! :) Very fun!

also- I adore my new tea, same cute cannister. Bought the little mug with the strainer dealy on the inside (that just fits inside) it's purple. Which I love. :) And it really does let the whole leaves breathe and expand.

Jessica said...

Your new hair is GORGEOUS!!! :) You look fab... it's great to get a new cut, it makes a huge difference hey?!?