Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Twitter name change?

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

More on the twitter name change later. First some food porn…

Got up this morning and we were running a little late so breakfast this morning was on the go. Banana and cheese string. Not the best breakfast but got a little protein and and some natural sugars and fibre.

During the day I snacked on Gala apple, cheese string and a Cherry and Dark Chocolate Kashi bar. I actually wasn’t too hungry by the time lunch arrived. My random food seemed to tide me over for more of the day.

March 001 March 003

Lunch was the last of the leftover pasta and some carrots. I love carrots. They are healthy and so filling.

March 004

After I picked up Matt from work we decided to do Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown. I’m going to try to do a more in-depth review of this DVD this weekend but right now I’m loving this workout. I love the yoga moves combined with some cardio and strength training. I’m going to feel the burn tomorrow.

Before yoga we split a bagel and had a glass of chocolate milk…

March 008

Dinner was a scallop stir-fry. In the wok: scallops, green, yellow and red peppers, carrots and red pepper flakes. All in a little teriyaki sauce…

March 010

I will admit Matt did most of the cooking tonight but doesn’t it look delicious!!!

Served with a small amount a rice. Oh so good…

March 011

Today I also picked up a few new cook books from the library. I can’t wait to go through them and find some new recipes.

March 015

I love getting some new recipes to try. I’m loving the library now. I’m not great at creating my own but I love to adapt recipes from books to meet whatever I have around the house.

So I have a dilemma. I am just wondering about my twitter name. I have noticed that most people’s twitter user names reflect their blog titles. So the question is Should I change my twitter user name to reflect my blog? All opinions and thoughts are welcome. I’m very torn on this issue and would love some insight from the twitter/blog world.


~ Katie :)


Anonymous said...

I'm going out and getting that DVD this weekend, you've convinced me! And I'm in love with Jillian... ;) hehe

OMG, everyone has been cooking delicious looking stirfrys. Yours look SO good. I haven't had scallops in a long time. Mmmm mmm!

Have fun browsing the cook books, can't wait to see what you come up with.

PS. I think you can change your Twitter name without losing your followers. FYI: your name is limited to a certain amount of characters that's why I'm "lifehealthfit" and not "lifehealthfitness".

Nicole said...

I also love reading cookbooks and changing them around.I love HungryGirl for some basic recipes appetizers and desserts too! I usually swap out when she uses fake ingredients like fake meats or splenda. I think you can change your name if you want, mine doesn't match my blog, but most people's do!

Jenny said...

If you want to change your name on twitter, I say go for it. You're not going to loose your followers, it will change and people will wonder who that is and then realize it's you- haha!

That stir-fry looks so good! We have scallops in the freezer, maybe I should take them out for tomorrow :)

Take care,

Lauren said...

I LOVE yoga meltdown! It definitely gives you a good workout. Its not traditional yoga, but it incorporates yoga moves. Its a really cool hybrid.

I don't think the twitter name is a big deal. You should change it if you like, though!

Liane said...

I'm with yah, i wanted to change my twitter name a while ago, but twitter was having some glitch and wouldn't let me. Then I just got lazy!
You've inspired me to think about this again :)

By the way, I ;ole crazyplates... also, their other book, Looneyspoons has my all time favourite recipe in it for when I have no time and company coming for dinner!
I love cookbooks, it's an illness!

Janna said...

Dinner looked AWESOME! I am going to be trying that out really soon!

So you like Jillian's Yoga DVD huh? I might have to check that one out!

TJ said...

mmm the scallops look good! :)

I changed mine to tie it up to my blog only because most of my twitter peeps are fellow bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, you've inspired me to pick up some scallops tonight for the man, (not vegetarian me) aaand hit up the cookbook section in the library.

You're just plain brilliant, girl!

You can definitely change your twitter name without it affecting your account. I've kept my human name as my Twitter account, because I think my blog has sort of a limited audience. But that's just me!

Jaime said...

oooooh, scallops! I'll have to remember to pick those up the next time I do a restock on the proteins for the freezer!

Eco Yogini said...

hmmm, I found you through twitter actually... weird huh? My twitter name reflects Coffee and Yoga... I wondered about having it as 'Halifax Yoga Community' which is my other blog....

I've never heard of Yoga Meltdown. I'll have to check it out :)

Happy to have found another Haligonian Yogini!

hrclark said...

Everyone seems to be having stir-fry lately!

As for your twitter name I would keep it. I made my twitter account after I had my blog, that's why mine reflects my blog.

Rachael said...

I say change your twitter name! I forget all the _ so if I go to @reply you, I am likely to mess it up haha.

What to change it to? hmm KatieHD? Your title is long so it would have to be abbreviated. If you make it in relation to your blog, people will be able to associate the blog with twitter more easily. Just an idea!

Angie All The Way said...

Great point about the underscores from Rachael! Yeah sure, why not change your twitter name! For me, I just had my name from when I began WW Online years ago and it was unique so I just use it for everything online now because it's become my social media identity - except for FB, I keep that separate all together.

Eats look delish!!

Katie said...

Thanks for all the comments guys. Everybody had some great input. I haven't made a decision yet on the twitter topic but I will defiantly let you know what I decide.