Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Food Issues


I took quite a few pictures today…enjoy :)

I’m so excited it’s Friday. I have been looking forward to the weekend so much more then usual this week. So I’m celebrating with a glass of wine (more on that later)…

I woke up this morning sore and stiff and knew it was my body’s way of telling me that I needed a rest day. I’m already feeling better and stoked for the gym tomorrow.

Random Breakfast – banana and cheese string. It was another busy morning so breakfast on the go again.

During the day more of the same snacks. Kashi bar and cheese string. I know I’ve had these a lot this week. I’m a creature of habit what can I say. I’ll try to mix it up a little more next week.

March 003

I also was given a muffin for on the students. Blueberry cranberry muffin. Who can say no to a cute little 8 years old girl :)

March 001

Lunch was leftover pineapple chicken salsa wrap. This re-heated very nicely and was a great lunch. I also had a yogurt cup (unpictured).

 March 004 March 006 March 005

After lunch I was craving something sweet hardcore but since I was as school I just wasn’t able to give into this craving.

Once school was over I wanted to stop at Planet Organic to grab some Greek Yogurt before picking Matt up from work.

This was the beautiful weather us bloggers in NS got to enjoy…

March 011

I walk in with the intention of picking my my weekly supply of yogurt and ended up with a few other items.

Greek Yogurt and Liberte Coconut Yogurt…

March 014

Some Annie’s Cheddar Mac and Cheese…

March 013

And some Crofter’s Super Spread…

March 026

Europe to be exact. Black Currants, Pomegranates, Morello Cherries and Red Grapes.

March 022

Jaime has been blogging about this for weeks now and when I saw it I just knew I had to pick some up. The ingredients are amazing. None of the fake sugars just organic sugar kane. I can’t wait to try it. I see some oats in my future this weekend.

I was hungry so I also picked up one of these…

March 010

Honeybar Apple and Cinnamon. Lynn had a great giveaway a few weeks ago for some of these but this is the only one I could find that didn’t have peanuts so I pick it up (trying not to give in too much to my sweet craving). Overall, I quite enjoyed it. It was defiantly a nice change from my regular granola bar. My only complaint was that it was a little tough to chew. It made my jaw a little sore. My favourite part? The ingredients list. I know Lynn said this too. So few ingredients. I loved it.

March 008

Dinner was Sobey’s homemade pizza. Sounds pretty healthy right? Wrong! Greasy and dirty. I was so hungry I inhaled it before remembering to take pictures. I thought I’d have gotten use to this picture taking food thing but apparently not. Opps.

I just took a nice 30 min nap and now I’m enjoying a glass of this…

March 017

I didn’t realize this was the official wine of the Olympics…

March 019

Now I’m going to curl up with my wine and a book and enjoy some me time.

March 028

Enjoy your weekend.

~ Katie :)

Question: Does anyone else have a problem with healthy eating on Friday night. I find it my worst night for food. I think my problem it that it’s the end of a long week and I just don’t have the energy to cook.


Jackie said...

I'm the same way on Friday's. Tonights eats are a prime example.
Cadbury mini eggs, cookies, chips. Not good at all hence the title of my post.

farm girl. said...

Friday nights aren't generally too bad...Sundays are worse for me! Tends to be big brunch morning for us...grease, grease, grease!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the Supercrack was on sale at Superstore this week. FYI. PO is always so expensive. That Annie's Mac is yummy!

I'm also a big fan of the Honeybars too, they are kinda chewy so I have coffee or tea at the same time.

Friday night + wine = heaven!

Katie said...

I know PO is expensive but it's right beside work so I always get sucked in. I haven't seen the Supercrack at Superstore (but to be honest I haven't been looking for it - it just kinda caught my eye today) but I will in the future. Thanks :)

Liane said...

I can't walk out of a grocery store without having at least 4 extra items I wasn't planning on purchasing!

Yah, Friday nights are the worst for meal planning!

Kelly said...

Honestly I'm not good with my eating on weekends in general. We always go out and I'm home more often. I never eat TERRIBLE but its just a lot more calories than my weekday eating. Today I had to distract myself for a few hours before my fiance came home because I thought I'd eat everything in sight. Vaccuming helped haha

Anonymous said...

The Olympics had an official wine? That's ... kind of weird. A lot of athletes are under 19. At least there wasn't an official Olympic cigarette ... or was there?? LOL

Lauren said...

I have never tried those Honey bars but I do see them everywhere. I really want to try that Crofter's fruit spread, I've seen it on so many blogs. Thanks for the ideas.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend